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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2015 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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nd finally no men and women is an island into herself or himself i pray and hope i anticipate that this board will not be complexity through silence for what has happened in this police department it is uncomfortable and disgrateful that a so-called likely world-class city like san francisco this police department has personnel that are alleging having expressed homophobic and racism text please pretty please if other boards have passes resolution
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condemning foreign policy matter and other matters not directly raised to that board i submit to you this board should not sit in silence in the face of what's happening in our police department many of uh our students in the school district a victim's by police personnel that's why we have 60 to 70 percent of the resident over at jewel hall black young men and women are and they've come from our schools just think about it you have referrals from this school district to this criminal justice system because many times officers who have this big he did bias attitudes are creating a problem with men and women african-americans to be
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protected e vegetated to the prison justice system and finally i hope that all the superintendent out of his heart and mind and spiritual regarding the under achievement of the african-americans in the scapegoat will indeed take open traction we are all read behind you was amazing martin luther king said who is behind in the race of life better run faster in order to catch up black students are behind in the scapegoat we need to roll up the sleeves and get in the race and make sure they catch up and not be a continuous exhibit of this under choufrp shame shame shame
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on san francisco we passenger's side bachelors holder and master ripdz of degrees when you look at the black community in this city we are an island of under achievement in this big ocean of all the high tech of all the universities and i feel that it is minded for us to roll up our sleeves don't point a finger but there are 3 fingers passenger seat back to you and me this is our elected social problem for the under achievers all of us and ultimately destroys our society thank you very much fewer listening we'll came back come back to the school board and find at the next major
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meeting mr. superintendant we have a lot to communicate and tell will which we've done to transparent and consistency until the job is done. >> thank you reverend brown>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm steven a 20-year k50ir7bd teacher and i see one of my students back there i'm here to address you on the things that are going on at john rivers elementary school it is an unsupportive place for students and staff under our current registration we've never had a emotional follow-up we've not been trained in the trauma practices some of our students suffer from trauma there are no
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circles and we don't have a positive behavior management system after 5 years the result have been tragic critical and tragic i'm not faulting the students the behaviors are learned behaviors student fights occur daily and staff physically restrands children without knowing how to do so safely and students have been putting themselves between students that are fighting students are frequently out of classes stopping by other students classes and stopping learning there was a fight in the cafe the promise was present and two staff members were pulling the two students apart it was lila tug of war as the people were
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pulling the kids apart the outlet were were chanting who they wanted to win the principle expressed his sadness and accused the students of making the school a ghetto city hall i want to public apologize from the principle john b elementary school is not my school it is our school thank you (clapping.) thank you, mr. brad again hoping hold the applause for all the speakers. >> i'm a tenth grade student ever since i was enrolled that or there was no support for my color at mission high school we have small business that worked with us and it is quite ironic the
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school board want to help to get to college but the money is disappearing this year we had over 34 historic black colleges come to our school and accepted students on the spot as a st. joseph i was advised to wait we need an african-american advisor advisor. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm a senior at admission high school as well as the vice president of the high school ami i've been to the mission high school during my four years no one has supported like mission african-american advisor as an accepted to a college i never would have thought about or heard of our advisor gives support to those
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who don't have it at home removing her from her position makes it a loss for her and the family she's an mentor and that one person that pushes you so it experience and be imposed to things that others may not be exposed to we need to keep our african-american with us we love her. >> thank you very much i have one last speaking i understand you were not here when i made the announcement those speakers must be given before the calls but i'll allow on exception. >> hello, i'm a junior at admission high school also the president of the body students i was shocked to hear as ms. linda
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jordan in the san francisco unified school district were even considered being halted being their jobs to help african-americans on the bottom had it comes to the rate of success i was scared because the resources that policed jordan brings and already and sorry you're not allowed to speak by administrators by name if you want to address without the names. >> okay ms. bs u advisor ms. bs u advisor is (laughter) she's - okay. so i was scared because the resources that mr. advisor brings is amazing she has helped me with scholarships and college information and summer jobs and college opportunity and many things to
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make sure not only was i succeeding but excelling and getting ahead which is rare so those were the things i wouldn't have known about it it wasn't for ms. b u advisor so if the goal of the sfusd to have all the students and programs succeed then the people and the people help the people of color needs a safe spot in the district and place to stay. >> thank you very much that concludes general public comment yes superintendent - >> thank you commissioner president murase i was motion to the folks in the audience this was the first time i've heard of that i'll have my staff to look
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at this and my assist for the leadership acknowledging to brief me open this particular situation those are the types of situations are not warden but more than anything i wished someone would have picked up the phone and called the stunt we appreciate ms. black student union advisors work because she's been incredible so thank you. (laughter). >> all right. i'd like to return to item h stunts proposal and ask that we do the presentation of certificates to our hard working peace members before we go into a full decision of the proposal to mr. superintendent. >> thank you commissioner
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president murase i'm sure you're aware of we have in the san francisco school district an incredible came back that puts in long hours that dedicates loot time and how we're spending the budget another layer of the accountability to the folks in san francisco to make sure we are spending those funds with the chapter and the legislation is so this evening we would like to recognize those individuals and thank them for their services i wish we could give them a trip to hawaii but instead a certificate from the board of education and know that means the world to us a board address staff that i've dedicated this time and your expertise to assure with the
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voters of san francisco have asked us to do we're true with that kathy to please come forward and recognize the members of the peace good evening, commissioners i'm kathy the supervisor for the public education enrichment fund and for the 6th year that's been my honor to serve the peace cock members i'd like to recognize each member by calling their name and say a little bit about them many of the members were here on march 17 we're not able to make it tonight we have two members that have served 4 years both of the members were appointed by commissioner president murase and both of the two members have consistently participated and attended and
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served in very important ways to help the group move forward and come to meaningful recommendations year after year i'd like to recognize jeff who also served as co-chair. >> (clapping.) and the certificate recks four years of service and the second person for four years are you here (clapping.) folks you can't can stay up here we'll have a photo once everyone is come up we have other members present francis phillips (clapping.) bob
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(clapping) i'd like to recognize the two current co-chairs that have provided significant leadership to help to move forward the group to recognized this year as well as past years i appreciate the time and energy in working with me collaborating to help the members fill their roles and responsibility and those people are mark murphy (clapping) and jenny lamb (clapping.) thank you we also have a number of members who are not here tonight i'd like to mention their names briefly and mention the student members we have on the committee
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the following (calling names) other members include (calling names) did i mention bryan fox okay. so that concludes this seethe of appreciating the peace folks
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>> thank you all for your service service. >> i just want to thank my appointees there are many sacrifice they've been unafraid to voice their opinions i want to express my prediction any other comments in the colleagues. >> commissioner walton. >> just to echo commissioner president murase we definitely appreciate during u during this time working on the budget you spent a lot of time on the detail thank you for your service and please continue to serve in our roles we appreciate your work thanks. >> commissioner fewer. >> i want to say thank you and
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congratulation on this budgete. this budget season on to the next one i was on the committee and i was one of those hanging i was quite proud of service i performed but you're doing a better job quite frankly and thanks kathy for all the leadership it's great (clapping.) >> commissioner vice president haney. >> thank you as a former member i was actually, i served briefing with jeff and magliano i want to give a shout out there was issues we talked about at this .4 years ago i see in this budget being addressed our leadership and the leadership of the members of the peace in general have held the project sponsor r with our staff and
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kathy have strengthened the renewable is huge many of you were leader in the community and for those of you who were not apartment or staff in the district a special thanks to you for your service this is a way that our community communities with us and the peace money comes to us and tutor the work you do in not only making sure we do a job but everyone outside those doors in san francisco know the importance of those funds and the enrichment in general for our children i want to thank you for that and i miss peace kathy sometimes, i know how much hard work is involved. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell you've got more hard work with the
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renewables and prop k and to our staff thank you for all the tremendous things you've done over the years to get to this point in particular want to thank you for keeping a close focus on the way in which you approached the budget in making sure we were keeping in mind the combaelt lens and the purpose of peace i want to thank my appointees for doing this and bob you've been part of rec and park you come in with a very dedicated lens around education and how you contribute is tremendous thank you so much for all you do and the commitment you make outside of your day jobs and your commitments in
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general for our children and city i wanted to say it that and do a personal note of thanks you bring so much to the table and again, i also say this is a good problem to have you have to make hard decisions that help to guide us to make sound decisions for our young people. >> thank you very much yes city hall delegate chair. >> thank you commissioner president murase and 7, 8, 9 to thank the peace for having the s ac c for helping us and thank you for coming out to the last season it's really great. >> just commissioner wynns. >> i'm actual interested in i think we need to speak to mrs.
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fleming about how the board can participate without coming to all the meetings i don't think that is going to be valuable we need a little information earlier and maybe an opportunity for discussion that is exploratory to come to the members of the citizens advisory committee either in a invites way or maybe a whole or, however, we want to do that and approach the questions so they're not coming out to vote open the spending bill i want to say we can talk about that later but awhile we're talking about the peace members i think this is the process is much more greater than i appreciate all you've done the committee members to make that better for our community and
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district. >> thank you, ms. casco note the arrival of the commissioner and we're on the sb one approval the funds for the scald 2015-2016 which was moved and seconded on march 10 we'll need a report commissioner vice president haney. >> yes. so we heard the recommendations around the first reading from the peace and the peace there were a nuke of comments in february related to specific line items that are reflected in the new version we're going to hear about tonight we'll hear a greater feedback that the board gave around peas of peace that the spending plan we want to see
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more of and less of and move to the general fund your comments building to be the essence of what should be a part of peace spending as soon as possible as opposed to general fund and we'll hear what is reflected in the changes since then. >> thank you mr. haney we need a resolution read into the record mr. superintendant. >> thank you commissioner president murase i'm going to ask kathy and chris to read the resolution into the record. >> thank you. superintendent my name is kathy complem fleming the superfluous resolution 153 s p one approval the enrichment fund expenditure for the school year 2015-2016 and with our
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permission president i can skip down to the therefore, be it resolved. >> therefore, be it resolved with the board of education of the san francisco unified school district commends the hard work from the citizens advisory committee on peace and the arts master plan and steering committee and the library and physical education steering committee and all of the staff members that contributed to the success of peace and fobd that the board of education or the san francisco unified school district approves a public education enrichment fund for the 2015-2016 after examining the recollections from instead of and the community citizens advisory committee on peace and therefore, be it resolved that this spending plan maybe amended during the visibility of the states spending or adjusts to the peace allocation made by the city and county of san francisco the superintendant is requested to to the board of education and
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the board of supervisors that such an amendment may occur. >> thank you, ms. flooem we will proceed to public comment i have 8 public speakers i'll call your name it you could please line up by the podium you'll havehave 2 minutes. >> i'm christine director of planned organization at cul-de-sack man advocates i'm november been here in a while i'm here to talk about the peace biggest for the most part i sit open 9 subcommittee around the budget when i saw the peace
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budget i thought that is the goal one of the best written 0 transparency budget $608 million it is really close it would be great to see a goal for the school district in general because it's to complete and thorough it's nice to see the changes after the first reading i'll say we need to be mindful it is heavy and the previous students that spoke at john and mission school they were talking about advisors for african-american students at mission high school after school sites liked practices at john muir so it's important we're mindful and see the school sites
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supplemented into the budget and making sure with the credit rove we see recovery it is about those that need it the most; right? we want to get to a place where everyone can take it but take a moment to see who really needs this; right? and making sure we're covering our bases and giving them the supported they need. >> pleased approach the microphone. >> my name is maria i'm up here for support of betsey carmichael and the built in education we're we did get the funding for the our funding but basically for that funding we got not as much you guys are kind of saying putting the filipino i
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understand that everyone here for support and things like that i'm concerned about my kid she is right now in fourth grade i want to continue her education to high school so having that kind of mentality to having that background that she has i grew up as a filipino in the u.s. and wanted to have it kind of support she know here background with the filipino education the money we received is just ridiculous i feel like there is someone else it someone else if the board can use to using that pathway to condition or continue her background of the culture that's great i want here her to know her background and have the education to knowing where she came from the school she's going to betsey carmichael they've
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doing a great job but for sixth grade she needs to continue that to the high school and i'm hoping you guys consider more of your money wise to putting that in our after-school program and putting that in the learning awhile she's there again thank you for your time and i hope you guys consider putting more budget into the filipino pathway thank you. >> hi good evening mr. and mrs. commissioners i'm the executive order at west bay filipino a nonprofit youth and families we